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  JQX Industrial Co.,Ltd. was founded in the year of 2001, has always been devoting itself to the principle of "Quality First", and over the last 10 years, we have constantly sought to develop new products. From preparing artworks, molding, mass production, to packaging, every procedure is done under the supervision on experienced workers in our own factories. <BR><BR>Customer's satisfaction is our primary goal. We continuously developed our customer service staff to satisfy our clients' demand. Delivery time will always be matched. With the development of high speed, thus bringing products to market in the shortest time possible at the best price.<BR><BR>Our customers are located all over the world including United States, Canada, Australia, Mexico, and many countries in Europe as well as Africa and Asia. <BR><BR><BR>We are looking forward to cooperating with you in the near future. Contact us now!<BR>

初めまして、中国の広州市にて、スマホ修理用部品、周辺商品を設計から生産、販売まで専門工場です。<BR><BR>お取扱商品は全機種スマホ部品、<BR>各種類ファッションスマホケース、保護ガラスフィルム、移動充電器,<BR>スマートウォッチ、ミニスピーカー、USBケーブル ,自撮りスティック、<BR>車用充電器、ホルダー、車用FMトランスミッター等。<BR><BR>工場直営から、一番安い仕入れ価格でスマホ周辺商品を生産、供給できます。<BR><BR>また、お客様のご要望によりOEM,ODMの作成なども企画提案させていただき、<BR>きめ細かなサービスをご提供させていただきます。<BR><BR>Skype:sales06-jqx whatsapp:+8613527774453<BR> Email:sales06@mobile-well.com  Contact:Yan Lau<BR>
Contact us 3F, Golden Sky Tower ,No. 83 ,Middle of Huadi Road , LiWan District, Guangzhou, Guangzhou, 510000
sales06@moblie-well.com China
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mobile case, cable, USB, etc. of Mobile accessories. 各種類ファッションスマホケース、保護ガラスフィルム、移動充電器,<BR>スマートウォッチ、ミニスピーカー、USBケーブル ,自撮りスティック、<BR>車用充電器、ホルダー、車用FMトランスミッター等。
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