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Image Chinahanji Parts plant: We are the OEM who has specialized in manufacturing of diesel fuel injection system for quite a few years. Our parts include nozzle, elements & plunger, delivery valve, VE-pump and so on. All products are in higher quality with competitive price. Our excellent quality has been performance in various kind of reputation brand-BOSCH, ZEXEL, DENSO, Delphi.Now we are producing the parts which used in the engine system of M35A2 and M60 tank, the type of the parts are HD90101A and HD8821, their most competitive price(almost one tenth of the product which made in USA) and the same quality will meet your need fairly.

Chinahanji Parts Plant--We are the OEM of diesel fuel injection system since 1982.Our main products: are complete VE injection pumps. The products are with good quality and low price and being exported to many countries. Besides, we also offer aftermarket service of Bosch, Cummins, Nissan, Iveco, etc. For more detailed information of our products, you can visit our website. <> & <> If any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. <BR>Best regards, <BR>
Contact us Dubin Industrial Estate,Hanjiang District,Putian,Fujian Province China putian fujian 351111 China
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fuel pump,Repair kit,Nozzle holder,Nozzle,VE pump Cam disk, Control Shaft, cross cube, Delivery Valve, Distributor Head, Drive shaft<BR>Feed Pump, Plug, Pump Control Cover, Pump Housing, Repair Kit, Roller Assy<BR>
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