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  Dear customer: <BR>Snuff Bottles are a kind of vessel with which to hold snuff. It has been verified that snuff came into China during the Ming Dynasty. And those with an interior Snuff bottles, within the realm of Chinese craftwork, are known as pocket-size works of art. Snuff bottles with interior designs first appeared in the Jiaqing time of the Qing Dynasty. Bottles with an interior design combine both Chinese painting and bottle making techniques. The artist will choose a hyaline-like material to make the bottle, and then they will insert a special kind of hooked pen into the bottle to write words in inversion and draw pictures on the interior of the frosted wall. In modern times, the interior picture design is divided into four branches: Ji (the abbreviated name of Hebei Province), Jing (Beijing), Lu (Shandong Province), and the Yue (Guangdong Province) branch. Among these four, the Ji branch is the most influential one. Our company serves as the agent for a manufacturer of interior painting snuff bottles in Hebei Province. Our manufacturer produces "Ji" style snuff bottles of excellent craftsmanship and in a wide variety of themes. We have included product pictures in this letter for your company to view. Our products can also be produced to our customer's specific recommendations. We are very flexible and our customers may choose the design and theme for themselves, for example: Chinese portaits paintings,Chinese landscape paintings,Chinese flower&bird painting. Our snuff bottles make excellent Christmas gifts for your friends or idol. Our exported products also have wax-dyed therein craftwork, Realist painter, embroidery of SUZHOU, which are the Chinese specific handicrafts and artworks. We welcome and treasure your input and requests, and strive for cooperation with any and all interested customers. Shijiazhuang Yarui Exhibition Panoptic Co. Ltd. Export Trading Department. My<BR>Tel:0086-0-13930141886 Ms Liu (English.France) 0086-0-13784333298 Mr Qu(Japanese) Fax:0086-311-86964759<BR>E-mail: homepage:<BR><BR>

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handicrafts,realist painter,civil handicrafts,Chinese landscape painting,wax-dyed,<BR>Chinese flower&bird paintings 中国の山水絵・人物絵・花鳥絵・スナッフボトル・民間工芸品・刺繍・など中国の特有的な工芸品・美術品の輸出
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