Company's Descriptions
  We are involved in import and export and general trading. We are importing chemicals and maintaining stock at our own to market in local customers. We are sales countrywide network.

We are willing to expand our activities to grow seeds for different agricultural products. Market is very much potential. Soil and local specialist are available for this project. We will provide land whatever required.
Contact us Rahmania Intl Complex (5th Fl-West), 28/1/C Toynabi Circular Road Dhaka Dhaka 1000 Bangladesh
Product Description in English 取り扱い商品 Japanese
Organic and Inorganic Chemicals. We are looking for partner in Japan for expand business in trading. We also looking for JV opportunity to diversify our activities in many other ways. Seeds of different crops
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群馬といえば 焼きまんじゅう/ 饅頭 パラオGTフィッシング倶楽部 調剤薬局 おっきりこみ 焼まんじゅう
  まんじゅう・饅頭 パラオGTフィッシング倶楽部 群馬県の特産品、群馬名物 パラオGTフィッシング パラオGT釣り パラオGTフィッシング パラオGT釣り パラオGTフィッシング パラオGT釣り パラオGTフィッシング used machinery 山ピー 焼きまんじゅう JA共済・交通事故示談交渉・群馬県 used machinery 国定忠治の焼きまんじゅう