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  Wenzhou Teling Light Industry Co., Ltd. is a Sino-Japan joint venture enterprise, which was founded in 1980’s. After over 20 years’ endeavor, we develop from Wenzhou Teling Industry Company, Wenzhou Chaoling Light Industry product Limited Company to a big factory which owns servals manufacture departments, and is able to import, export and manufacture all by oursleves. Our factory’s constructional area is more than 25000M2. We imported advanced equipment from developed countries, completing automatic production line, and are the biggest and the most advanced metal lighters' factory in China whose production value is over 100 million every year. Teling Corporation is one of the core enterprises in Wenzhou. We have been awarded the title of "honoring contracts, keeping promises" as well as the "AAA" grade on the capital and credit enterprise. In 1998,we were appraised as major enterprise of Zhejiang Province. In 1999,we were class"A"Enterprise by China Customs. In 2000, we gained good name “Important Taxpayer” by the Government. In 2001, we were evaluated as the advantage enterprise in Wenzhou. In 2004, we were awarded as “Famous Hardware in Zhejiang Province”, “China top-10 well-known lighter brand”, “scutcheon enterprises” and was recommended as “ products believable enterprise” by Chinese National products quality control community. We now have staff more than 1200, including 60 special technicians, and senior managers. We are mainly producing and dealing lighter, shaver, key chain, leather products and some other light industry products, especially famous for our core product "Chaoling" brand lighter all over the world. There are thousands of hundreds varieties smoking sets which are novelty technical, excellent making, and reasonable price. We has established good cooperation relationship with over 20 countries and regions such as Japan, the USA, West-Europe, Australia and so on. Especially, our products were sold in thousands of Japanese Chain-marts, and gaining a good reputation by the customers. 

中日合併温州特霊有限会社は1980年代初めに創業、ご前身は温州特霊実業会社、温州超霊軽工製品有限会社でございました。創業以来20年間を経て、我が社なりに努力してまいりしたが、現在では、自由な貿易権利と数社生産工場を持っております。生産のみならず、貿易することもできる会社として発展を勝ち取りました。<BR><BR><BR>  弊社は総建築面積が25000u、外国から先端的な設備を導入、自動的なプロセスラインを採用して、中国国内喫煙具業界で規模が大きく、技術が最先端、年産額が億元を超える企業です。<BR><BR><BR>  弊社は現在1200人の社員を持ち、そのうち、高級管理社員と専門技術員が60人でございます。主要にライターやキーホルダーや剃刀など製品を生産、特に超霊ライターを主力製品として売れています。喫煙具の種類が万種類もあり、先端的な工芸、心を込めた生産、手頃な価格で、日本や欧米諸国など20ヶ国と地域の取引が盛んにやています。日本では、千店のさまざまなチェーンストアは弊社の喫煙具を販売していまして、大勢の消費者から好評を頂いています。<BR> 弊社は温州星級会社で、"重合同、守信用"、"AAA級金融資信企業"など、多くの称号が獲得されております。
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lighter & ashtrays & key chain ライター、灰皿、携帯灰皿、キーホルダー
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